Big Data

The main objective of this service is to guide organizations in their journey to make trustworthy critical decisions by analysing big data as well as providing insightful conclusions and accurate predictions. This is achieved by detecting hidden patterns, remarkable correlations, market trends, customer preferences and other useful information.

Intelligence & Innovation Development

AT TCC, We strive to keep you up-to-date with the latest technology and computer science trends and updates. Therefore, we Innovate to develop unique and smart solutions for our clients, which include various solutions such as secure and encrypted applications, IoT applications, Cryptography, Block Chain, Code Review and exclusive solutions.

Data Analytics

TCC Data Analytics service supports our clients in analyzing and gaining useful insights that can inform impactful business decisions in addition to utilizing different techniques and technologies such as data mining, machine learning and artificial intelligence. Our comprehensive services not only provide descriptive and diagnostic analysis, but also predictive and prescriptive analysis to ensure a complete host of solutions.

Data Integration & Cleansing

TCC’s capabilities are huge, thanks to our team that mastered the discipline of data management by working on Collecting data from multiple/diverse sources in different formats and extracting them. Then it transforms the data to fit operational requirements and loads it into the centralized data lakes with high accuracy.

Data Storage & Modelling

TCC has the ability to launch huge and successful projects by modelling and storing different kinds of data into multiple data stores, based on their formats (Document store, Graph store, NoSQL store, etc.) in addition to providing efficient and optimized access to the stored data.

Data Visualization

Data Visualization is a part of our Big Data services, where clients can save time and increase their productivity by viewing different options that will support decision makers in viewing and examining findings and evidence. TCC provides and utilizes several visualization tools, including network charting, maps, etc., and creates interactive dashboards in order to help clients achieve the desired outcomes.