Security Services

TCC boasts unique experience in managing complex cybersecurity environments, integrating a wide range of third-party technologies within the cybersecurity frameworks, as well as advanced customization capabilities.

Cyber Investigate (IR)

TCC provides a very well-organized Incident Response service, as the team carefully plans and implements a set of actions to immediately contain the impacts of breaches. We quickly identify the root causes, attacker’s motives and foothold along with detailed tailored recommendations and remedial plans to prevent future incidents.

Cyber Intrude (VAPT)

TCC’s Cyber Intrude is a penetration testing service that helps clients proactively identify the security vulnerabilities in the organization’s IT systems, and provides them with clear and actionable recommendations to enhance security posture, reduce business risks and professionally interdict potential future attacks.

Cyber Review

Cyber Review is a Configuration and Architecture Review services designed to help in analyzing the current architecture and define the applicable weaknesses and how to mitigate and fine tune them. We innovated this service to support reducing the overall risk exposure by identifying gaps and recommending improvements to achieve a robust security infrastructure.

Governance,Risks and Compliance (GRC)

TCC implements a robust GRC services that meets business requirements, based on national and international standards such as ECC- 1: 2018 and ISO 27001. Also, it aligns with specific frameworks such as SAMA and COBIT. In addition, TCC offers auditing services on national and international standards to identify gaps and ensure compliance.

Cyber Assure

Cyber Assure is a unique compromise assessment service that helps organizations evaluate the overall security posture as well as discover potential unknown threats that may exist in the environment. The compromise assessment focuses on uncovering malware or advanced persistent threats (APT) that may have evaded the organization’s currently implemented security controls and infected the assets, and proposing immediate remediation actions to deal with the compromise.

Security Engineering

The Security Engineering Department provides technical advice and guidance to security sectors seeking specialized intelligence solutions and innovative physical security systems, by helping them translate their requirements into technical specifications and providing a complete host of high-tech solutions and services (E2ES) through a network of specialized technology experts, as well as ensuring knowledge transfer and capability building.

Areas of Security Engineering

  • Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance systems (ISR)
  • Tactical field Intelligence Solutions (Portable, Covert)
  • Integrated Radar, Camera and Electro-optics systems
  • Anti-Drone Solutions (Stationary, Portable and Mobile)
  • X-ray and explosive detection solutions
  • SIGINT/COMINT sign and communication intelligence solutions
  • Signal Jamming systems
  • Drones for multiple purposes