Digital Services

As part of our mission to accelerate the digital transformation of our clients, we introduced the digital platforms services where we provide our customer with full capabilities that allow them to digitalize their business based on a business model that is aligned with their needs and strategy.

Customer Portal and Apps

Our Digital Services team continually executes the best solutions for you by providing end-to-end solutions and managing mobile field service, sales and delivery teams, where clients can set the rules and parameters that best suit their operations.

Identity Management

Through our outstanding identity management efforts, we achieve the highest level of access control to user information. Our digital platform is able to identify a group of people, whether employees, customers, citizens, etc., and provide the authorization to access certain applications, systems, or networks in accordance with the access authorization levels associated with the right identity.

Payment Solutions

We offer a number of the best secured services and products. TCC provides a Payment Solution Service which is a gateway that allows smooth financial transactions through different payment methods in a secure and encrypted way.

Reporting and BI

TCC’s Reporting and BI solutions allow customers to explore more and generate better insights into their data, through advancing analytic tools and representing them using different live visuals that will provide a better understanding.

Decisions Support Engine

Our Engine can analyze massive sets of data of any business or organization to help solve organizational problems and support decision making. TCC will be your partner who helps you to success and grow!

Business Reprocess Re-Engineer

TCC has a strong analysis team with prominent experience to evaluate the current business process, and recommend a new process by redesigning the old one in accordance with the business’s true mission and objectives.

API Management

Our mission in TCC is to provide our clients with top-notch technology solutions. API management will ease the process of controlling and managing application programming interfaces (APIs) such as enabling/disabling API, API throttling, setting policies, creating API keys and other tasks.